July 17, 2012

Your adventure is about to begin..!

Last week a dear friend surprised me with a beautiful gift. Wrapped in a paper of a fancy shop I became curious. Unwrapping it I smiled: A 'his 'n' her set of mugs' the box said, smiling back at me. My smile grew bigger, namely the box itself already looked very nice covered with birds, leaves and hearts. 

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Ignorant and uninformed as I can sometimes be I had never heard of the maker of this lovely set. But Google offered me some perspective and I wanted to share with you the creations of Robert Ryan. Famous for his beautiful illustrations and paper cuts and featured in Vogue, Elle and Stylist. His creations have a fairy tale-ish way of telling a story with little words and lots of saying. Birds, hearts, leaves and silhouettes tell you everything there is to know about living a happy life. And this happy life is represented in illustrations, calendars, books, ceramics, tiles, plates, mugs, cushions, cards en many more. He has a shop in London you can visit in the weekends, but for those (like me) who happen to, unfortunately, not live in London can buy his products in interior shops and online on Here are some of my favorites:

"The village grew into a town and the town grew into a whole city.
The tree grew up to the sky and the river grew as it flowed down towards the sea, and the flowers, well they grew until they covered the whole field and from inside the depths of our hearts you grew as well.
Every single day a tiny bit more and more of you, and all of the long days and all of the short days will add up to yet more of you until there is no more growing to be grown and the last mark on the side of the door frame has been made.
But yet still inside you there will never be a shortage to the amount of love your heart can grow, and day by day and year by year you can grow in your heart still more care and more sympathy and and more trust more kindness until it blossoms and its flowers cover the entire world."


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