July 4, 2012

Kitchen Crates

I'm thinking about adding some crates to my kitchen. I find crates really nice decoration items and easy storage furniture. They're easily put together in the shapes you desire: create a big storage cabin by piling crates in different sizes to get a cluttered closet, or use crates of similar shapes to create a symmetric and orderly closet.

Another great option is by hanging up crates on
to the wall. Just one exemplar for simplicity, or several crates to create more storage space. Combine crates with wired baskets or shelves for a varied look.

The crates don't necessarily need to have a closed back, crates without a back just create an open and spacious look. Quite useful in a small kitchen. And in a bigger kitchen you can them as a room divider. 

Crates offer storage space for kitchenware and utensils you want to store visibly in your kitchen. Think of beautiful glasses, plates, tins, wooden spoons, spice jars, bottles and all other special kitchenware worth showing. Have you had enough of the kitchen crates? Then they are easier removed than a built-in kitchen cabinet.


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