July 20, 2012

Behind the front door: Spanish interior inspiration

Most of the time I find photos of one particularly room in a house that inspires me. But sometimes I find an entire house with lots of inspiring interior ideas and inspiration. Today I found this beautiful home in Spain while searching for interior inspiration online. I fell in love with the colors and beautiful summer look. Since the summer in Holland seems to have gotten stuck in apparently every other country I really needed some sunny inspiration. It's still another six weeks until I fly to the Spanish sun myself so I hope this will help me get through this Dutch un-summer-ish summer.

This astonishing home is found in the beautiful village Ampurdan├ęs and has completely been restored. The constructor added high ceilings for a spacious look and big windows to welcome the Spanish sun in to the house. But they also preserved some old walls to keep the new house connected with the old house it once was. A very careful selection of natural fabrics and colors give a refined and cozy atmosphere. The constructors got inspired by the big villas of ancient Rome in which the barriers between inside and outside faded. The very romantic children's bedroom is decorated by Olga Gimeno and has some beautiful French influences. In short a really beautiful and inspiring house.

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