July 31, 2012

Blueprint, blueprint on the wall..

Photographs turn a house into a home. 
But instead of pictures of family and friends on your walls you could try something completely different. Like blueprints, maps, drawings and signs for instance. It really gives your house a nice vintage or interesting look. 

A beautiful example is framing the blueprints of your own house, the house you grew up in, a map of the town you live in or a map of your neighborhood. 

Try to make your own creative map by using tracing paper and a map of your neighborhood. I found a great tutorial to make this. The result of this tutorial you can see on the final picture at the bottom of this post. 

I find the following pictures a really nice inspiration.

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July 23, 2012

How about the view..?!

Do you ever dream of waking up, opening your window and smiling towards the sunlight, and an amazing view you see every morning? 
Isn´t that a nice dream, or is it reality to you? 
But isn't it also a way of looking at things, a point of view? 

An optimistic person smiles towards the sun. 
A less optimistic person takes the sun for granted and needs that amazing view to feel good.

The perfect person smiles towards the sun, prints a NY skyline as a giant photo on his wall, tries a different point of view, celebrates another summer day, enjoys the pictures below and enjoys the view of the road ahead.

Good morning sun, welcome to Holland! (it was about time...)

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July 20, 2012

Behind the front door: Spanish interior inspiration

Most of the time I find photos of one particularly room in a house that inspires me. But sometimes I find an entire house with lots of inspiring interior ideas and inspiration. Today I found this beautiful home in Spain while searching for interior inspiration online. I fell in love with the colors and beautiful summer look. Since the summer in Holland seems to have gotten stuck in apparently every other country I really needed some sunny inspiration. It's still another six weeks until I fly to the Spanish sun myself so I hope this will help me get through this Dutch un-summer-ish summer.

This astonishing home is found in the beautiful village Ampurdan├ęs and has completely been restored. The constructor added high ceilings for a spacious look and big windows to welcome the Spanish sun in to the house. But they also preserved some old walls to keep the new house connected with the old house it once was. A very careful selection of natural fabrics and colors give a refined and cozy atmosphere. The constructors got inspired by the big villas of ancient Rome in which the barriers between inside and outside faded. The very romantic children's bedroom is decorated by Olga Gimeno and has some beautiful French influences. In short a really beautiful and inspiring house.

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July 18, 2012

Don't worry, be happy - No. 9

Let's dream together...

Lessons are taught every day. Lessons are learned on occasion… 
Not everyone likes to be taught a lesson, not every lesson is learned. Every person can tell you to enjoy life, to seize the day, to follow your heart and that it is as it is. But do you listen? Do you have those lessons in mind when you wake up at six in the morning by your alarm on a gray and rainy day, and open your eyes to go to work again? When everything that can go wrong on one day goes completely wrong? When you seem to have lost that happy-feeling for a while?

Well I don’t, so I need to be reminded every once in a while. Call me stubborn, but I need it. Every time a life-lesson is taught to you, you think ‘yes, I know…’, but you do smile a little just because you know it’s true. And that message sticks with you for a while. 
So to make you smile, to let you say ‘I know…’ and to let a lesson stick with you for a while, I thought it would be nice to send out a reminder every once in a while. For myself, because it helps, and for anyone who needs a reminder too.

July 17, 2012

Your adventure is about to begin..!

Last week a dear friend surprised me with a beautiful gift. Wrapped in a paper of a fancy shop I became curious. Unwrapping it I smiled: A 'his 'n' her set of mugs' the box said, smiling back at me. My smile grew bigger, namely the box itself already looked very nice covered with birds, leaves and hearts. 

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July 10, 2012

As white as wood - .07.10.12.

Here is some new inspiration in white with a touch of wood, paper or a flinch of gray and silver. It's serene, calming and somehow colorful. 

I'm inspired and I love pictures of people who have applied the white and are able to keep it that way. Luckily for me there are a lot of wonderful people who can. That's why 'As white as wood' a recurring topic and is showing you different rooms in the house in this inspiring style. A different kitchen, bathroom, study, living room or other places in every 'As white as wood'
Enjoy this episode of the ride of the white..!

July 4, 2012

Kitchen Crates

I'm thinking about adding some crates to my kitchen. I find crates really nice decoration items and easy storage furniture. They're easily put together in the shapes you desire: create a big storage cabin by piling crates in different sizes to get a cluttered closet, or use crates of similar shapes to create a symmetric and orderly closet.

Another great option is by hanging up crates on

July 2, 2012

Paper & Wood

Paper and wood are an inspirational mix for home decoration and your interior. A mix of paper and wood gives a beautiful rustique and mystique look. It's easy to apply with accessories like dark wooden picture frames or framing old paper, by showing your wooden spoons in the kitchen instead of putting them away in a draw and with small wooden furniture like a bench, side table or a wooden crate as decoration. A mix of paper and wood goes well with white, off-white, grey and silver:

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