June 5, 2012

How to give your Ikea pendant a makeover..?

I have (like probably half of the people on this planet) the simple, yet charming IKEA Regolit pendant lamp shade.

Sure, there are a lot of shops that provide a version of the Regolit (or is the Regolit a version of their version..) in all types of colors, textures and designs. But still, I have the Regolit shining above my bed. I'm falling asleep and waking up with this Swedish piece of design. I could buy another version of it, or a complete different lamp, but I'd like to pull an IKEA hack on this one. I'm not the first to try, so I can get inspired by some of the other proud owners of this popular pendant. I also found pictures of look-a-likes or great ideas to try. Once I have pimped mine, I will show you! Here are some ideas on how to give your IKEA Regolit a makeover: 


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