June 8, 2012

How to survive ánd enjoy the UEFA Euro 2012..!

The European Championship 2012 started today! All of Europe is glued to the tube, flags are raised, beer sales are up, people are enthusiastic and ninety percent of the European men feel united and happy this month. At least, as long as their team is winning and still in the race. 

Holland is turning orange and tickets to watch the game on public squares and in cafés go like hot cakes. This is what my country looks like at the moment:

But not everyone (read: every woman) is a big fan of an offside, a whistling referee or quickly injured players. Here are ten tips for everyone who isn't really into soccer or football, but does like to enjoy the great atmosphere of the big event. 
Ten tips to bring the UEFA EURO 2012 into your home and time filling ideas to try, while hubby is watching the game with his beloved beer bottle. All in Holland-style of course, but adjustable to every color and every country. 


1. Frame a picture in your nation's color. Use a picture of nature, flowers, butterflies or a bird for example.

2. Buy flowers in your nation's color. It will get your home into the right atmosphere without screaming: Men watching football..! 

3. Get crafty! Paint your vases, make paper pompoms, paper flowers and make a painting or a garland. Be creative, but only use the colors of your flag and nation.

4. Make a mood board of your color. Put it together and frame it. Decorate your walls with your mood board.


5. Shop online. Get in the football-mood by shopping for fashion in the color of your country. If you buy something and wear it during the game, you might even get the cheering vibe..!

6. Visit Pinterest and create a new board. Fill it with everything orange, yellow, white, red or anything in your color. Look for fashion, photography, interior and crafts. It will definitely get you in the supporter-mood (and probably the I-want-to-buy-mood).

7. Get accessories in the right color. Find cushions, candles, candle holders, trays or planters and decorate your home in style.

8. Paint your nails! You will look supportive, cheery and lively and you can keep yourself busy during the game.

9. Bake a cake or cupcakes. Use marzipan or confectionery in your nation's color. 
Don't forget to eat it..!

10. Paint your front door. Go crazy and give your front door a colorful makeover. You will have something to do during the game, give yourself a happy welcome to your home and it will give you the opportunity to try something completely different. Don't like the result, or has your country lost already? No worries, in two years the world championships will start! And a re-paint is only a paintbrush away.

And after all this painting, shopping and crafting you might even start to become passionate and enthusiastic. If this happens, don't worry! Watch the game and enjoy! Find the best looking player, try to learn a few names, the real meaning of an offside and scream your heart out when they score. Only, when there playing against Holland, you might want to try one of the above tips, there won't be much cheering from your side..!

Have a nice UEFA Euro 2012!


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  1. Aah superleuk! Nu maar hopen dat ze morgen winnen en niet alles voor niks is geweest ;-)


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