June 17, 2012

DIY: Vintage memo board

As mentioned in my Flower Power post I have been working on a vintage memo board.
It´s actually a Ikea hack as well. I´ve turned the simple gray SPONTAN magnetic board into a beautiful music sheets memo board.

Want to try it too? Here's a tutorial on how I did it:

First you have you buy an Ikea Spontan memo board (obviously). Or you could give you current memo board a makeover (of course).
All you need besides your memo board is an old music book. Old sheet music has yellowed paper and gives your memo board a vintage look. I bought an old piano sheet music book on a flea market. You also need wallpaper paste and a big brush.

First you tear out six pages to cover your memo board. Glue them one by one on the board and don't forget to cover the sides as well. It doesn't have to be perfect, it's just to make sure all the gray is gone.

After that you tear up the remaining pages into small pieces. Use different sizes and shapes.

After you've produced a big pile of pieces it's time to glue. Use as many pieces as you like and continue until you're satisfied. After you've glued a piece on the board use the brush to add another glue layer on top.

When you're satisfied you add a final glue layer on top. That way there won't be any loose spots and you make sure every pieces stays where it belongs. Now it's time to let it dry.

When the glue has dried your music notes memo board is finished!



  1. Wat gaaf! Zelf bedacht? :-) heel leuk

    1. Ja ;-) Ik vond hem grijs zo saai.. Dankje!


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