June 7, 2012

As white as wood

I´m inspired by the combination of a lot of white with a little wood and I love the complete white with a touch of brown paper or a flinch of gray or silver. It's serene, calming and somehow colorful. 

I wouldn't apply it to every space in my house, because I think I would get the feeling I should wear gloves all day and I wouldn't dare drinking wine on the couch anymore. I would walk around with a cleaning cloth all day trying to keep everything as white as it's suppose to stay. 

But still, I'm inspired and I love pictures of people who have applied the complete white and are able to keep it that way. Luckily for me there are a lot of wonderful people who can, so I will make 'As white as wood' a recurring topic by showing you different rooms in the house in this inspiring style. A different kitchen, bathroom, study, living room or other places in every 'As white as wood'
Enjoy the ride of the white..!


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