May 23, 2012

Up the stairs

They lead to something, they tire you down, they can look endless, or they can be overlooked (ouch). They're healthy, they're pretty useful, you can rely on them when there's an electricity failure or an out-of-order-elevator and they are absolutely annoying if you're not able to use them. They can save your life when there's a fire...

Can I inspire you with the mystery and beauty of stairs? Sounds vague and hazy perhaps, but I think I'm a fan of stairs. As long as I don't have to walk up and down a hundred times of course. So, I'm probably more a fan of pictures of beautiful stairs, or just simple stairs...



  1. The piano key stairs is really cool. While the other stairs reminds me of a fairy tale where the princess walks down slowly wearing this lovely gown. lol.

    1. They do, don't they?! Or those mysterious old houses you see in movies (mostly scary ones..) I wouldn't mind having one of them in my house, though :)


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