May 12, 2012

Kitchen inspiration

I found some wonderful kitchen inspiration. I don't have the time yet to do something with it. But, in a few weeks when I have turned in my final thesis and I am unofficially not a student anymore I'm spending my free time to work on some projects in the house. I should be busy working on my thesis right now, but I'm experiencing some study evasive behavior today...

I already pinned this picture on my Pinterest board a while ago, but
I love the colors and the painted inside of the cabinet.

 I saw this movie a while ago, well I saw the first thirty minutes, and it showed this small overstuffed cozy kitchen I had to save and share.

This isn't really a kitchen, it's a showroom but I like the atmosphere in this room.

Love the natural colors in these three pictures. The crates are used here to store towels and magazines, but can be used in the kitchen as well.


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