May 3, 2012

DIY: Really easy labels

Here is a really, really easy DIY tutorial to make labels. Maybe even too easy, but what's wrong with that, right?


So, all you need is an old cardboard box, a liner, a marker, a stanley knife, and some decorative clothespins.

Cut out rectangles in the desired sizes. I choose 7,5 cm by 5 cm (3" by 2").

After that put dots at 5 mm from the edge:

Now you can draw the borders. Leave a space of one cm (0.39 inch) at both ends. 

Finally, finish the corners and draw the lines around again. Write down whatever it is you want on your label and give it a finishing touch by decorating it. I used a ladybug and a butterfly and I used little decorative clothespins to attach the label to the boxes.




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