May 30, 2012

Don't Worry, be Happy - No. 5

Enjoy today, tomorrow it's gone

Lessons are taught every day. Lessons are learned on occasion… 
Not everyone likes to be taught a lesson, not every lesson is learned. Every person can tell you to enjoy life, to seize the day, to follow your heart and that it is as it is. But do you listen? Do you have those lessons in mind when you wake up at six in the morning by your alarm on a gray and rainy day, and open your eyes to go to work again? When everything that can go wrong on one day goes completely wrong? When you seem to have lost that happy-feeling for a while?

Well I don’t, so I need to be reminded of those lessons. Call me stubborn, but I need it. Every time a life-lesson is taught to you, you think ‘yes, I know…’, but you do smile a little just because you know it’s true. And that message sticks with you for a while. 
So to make you smile, to let you say ‘I know…’ and to let a little life-lesson stick with you for a while, I thought it would be nice to send out a reminder every once in a while. For myself, because it helps, and for anyone who needs a reminder too.

May 26, 2012

Butterfly Brilliance

I´m in the mood for butterflies. The weather has been really wonderful this week and, although I didn't really have the time to enjoy the sun; it does make the world just a little bit better. 

Also, my father's birthday is coming up and he has a thing for butterflies. He sees them as a symbol for a new beginning, a fresh start: hope. He has his house filled with beautiful butterflies. 

So, it all made me think of adding the butterfly to my interior and I started to search for some inspiration. To spread the real spring fling-feeling and to make your home a lively space, here are some ideas to decorate your interior with butterflies. 

These butterflies are made out of little saucers..! The butterflies on the picture below are made of old records.

May 23, 2012

Up the stairs

They lead to something, they tire you down, they can look endless, or they can be overlooked (ouch). They're healthy, they're pretty useful, you can rely on them when there's an electricity failure or an out-of-order-elevator and they are absolutely annoying if you're not able to use them. They can save your life when there's a fire...

May 16, 2012

Inspiration from Space

Today I found interior design inspiration from Space. Not space as in 'universe of stars'-space but of Space Furniture. So, no rocket chairs, twinkle tables or shiny sofas, but a website full of great designs and furniture and some really great photographs as well. It kept me busy for while. Enjoy it with me:

May 14, 2012

Personal Chocolate gift

During Mother's day preparations you stumble upon endless suggestions of flowers, shower creams, bath bubbles, whine, hearts of sugar, hearts of chocolate, hearts of all types of materials you can't (and shouldn't) eat, massage thingy-things, and many many more very original and nice give-aways but most of the time useless and overpriced. 

Luckily there are tons of crafts, drawings, breakfast in bed, home-cooked diners, home-made cupcakes or cakes given as well. A little bit of extra love is the most wonderful gift to be given.

May 12, 2012

Kitchen inspiration

I found some wonderful kitchen inspiration. I don't have the time yet to do something with it. But, in a few weeks when I have turned in my final thesis and I am unofficially not a student anymore I'm spending my free time to work on some projects in the house. I should be busy working on my thesis right now, but I'm experiencing some study evasive behavior today...

I already pinned this picture on my Pinterest board a while ago, but

May 10, 2012

Furniture makeover: Coat rack

I finally finished one of many projects I'm working on in the house. A while ago I bought an old wooden coat rack that looked like it came from some dusty old place and turn it in to something I'm very happy about.

May 3, 2012

DIY: Really easy labels

Here is a really, really easy DIY tutorial to make labels. Maybe even too easy, but what's wrong with that, right?

May 1, 2012

Inspirational serenity

I found these beautiful photographs on the website of Annaleena and on her blog. She uses all very natural colors and a lot of black and white in all of her designs and photos. I find them really inspiring. And, if you can’t live without color add a basket, a brightly colored plaid or use red decoration letters for instance.

For now here’s some serenity and peace for your eyes:

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