April 6, 2012

Spring fever

Spring has really started now and it´s quite addictive too, if you ask me. Normally I´m not really a color and flower type of person when it comes to decorating the house. I stick to basic colors like grey, black and white combined with a wooden floor mostly.  But when the only colors in your house are the book covers in your bookcase, it´s time for a change, isn’t it?
So I found some inspirational pictures and ideas to make your home spring-worthy. Some I would love to have, some I just love to look at, all together will make my house look a bit like an exploded coloring book but all of this makes me smile and wants me to indulge my house with spring-things.

These balls of string are really easy to make. If you click on the bottom picture you will see the tutorial. You can use them as decoration on the table,
in a glass vase or bowl or use it as a pendant lamp. Give them a color by using a colored string.
I would love to have a window with a windowsill you can sit in. Especially if you have view like this..! Picture this with a good book and an ice-cold glass of orange-juice, how amazing.
It’s easy to use some old teapots as a planter. It’s great to use it to brighten up the banisters. I always find banisters such boring things. You can also use this in your garden or to decorate the balcony edge. But use different colors of course!

I really love these paper roses. So easy to make and so hard to wilt. Use them to brighten up branches or plants without flowers. And again use different colors, you can make these in yellow, pink, purple or even blue.

Next are some more pictures of spring-like ideas and pictures. You can add color to your home with beautiful flowers, pillows, curtains, a pink refrigerator, tulips, a rug, wall tiles and a painted nightstand. All really great:



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