April 23, 2012

The Fashionmachine

When I was living in London for half a year in 2007-2008, I (of course) visited the V&A. My camera and I loved it there and we both enjoyed every showcase. Several angles were tried and I really tried not let the glass window show on the picture. In vain, of course...
But there was also this big picture of some weird wheel, with beautifully drawn silhouettes. I was impressed and I had to share that feeling with my camera. So again, different poses were taken to get the perfect angle. This time not to avoid a glass window but some inescapable absolutely annoying lights. And not to mention all the other impressed visitors who were, like me and my camera, trying to get the perfect picture and were getting in even more difficult poses to avoid the absolutely annoying lights.
Well, eventually I succeeded, kind of:

Anyway, I was impressed. At home, after studying the well captured photograph, I found its maker: Ruben Toledo. The Fashionmachine is only just one of his beautiful creations. He has made a lot of black and white drawings and the silhouettes also come back in other creations. You can find his drawings in the fashion-industry, he created hundred postcards for Louis Vuitton and made beautiful book covers. Just a few of many things. I have no idea if the Fashionmachine is still at the V&A, but you really should have a look if you're ever in London.

I didn't know what to do with this picture; to put it away in some photo album seemed such a shame. Well, pretty pictures need a frame, so I'm going to frame it!


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