April 22, 2012

Don't worry, be happy - No. 3

Here’s a reminder for this week. To keep in mind and to learn a little of, if only a little:

This week's reminder emphasizes the development. I tend to stay at the negative side
and sometimes forget to turn in to a beautiful photograph worthy of remembrance and leave the negative behind. I stay in black and white formation whereas I should be colorful (not that black and white photographs aren’t beautiful..!). So this week it’s time to develop those negatives and to try not to get stuck in the darkroom when there are too many negatives to develop..!


Lessons are taught every day. Lessons are learned on occasion… 
Not everyone likes to be taught a lesson, not every lesson is learned. Every person can tell you to enjoy life, to seize the day, to follow your heart and that it is as it is. But do you listen? Do you have those lessons in mind when you wake up at six in the morning by your alarm on a gray and rainy day, and open your eyes to go to work again? When everything that can go wrong on one day goes completely wrong? When you seem to have lost that happy-feeling for a while?

Well I don’t, so I need to be reminded of those lessons. Call me stubborn, but I need it. Every time a life-lesson is taught to you, you think ‘yes, I know…’, but you do smile a little just because you know it’s true. And that message sticks with you for a while. 
So to make you smile, to let you say ‘I know…’ and to let a little life-lesson stick with you for a while, I thought it would be nice to send out a weekly reminder. For myself, because it helps, and for anyone who needs a reminder too.


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