March 29, 2012

Fork it!

I found some great ways to use a fork. Yes, that may sound a little silly, but there´s more to a fork than you might think.
Not only can you use it to eat your home cooked meals, you can use it to hold your cards or photo’s, turn it into a wall hook or make a bracelet out of it. Interested? Here are some of the most creative ways to use a fork:

First there's jewelry. A fork can be bend in to all types of bracelets with lovely curls and shapes. Like the bracelet in this picture.
Or a bracelet like this one. I love the harts embracing each other.  
This can be used as a bracelet, but if it can't fit your wrist you can also use it as a napkin holder.
I love this necklace. You can put anything on it you like and turn it in to a lucky charm necklace
 This is an amazing hair clip made out of two forks. 

Next to jewelry is organizing. This is a lovely example of turning a fork into a card holder or a photograph holder.

I really love this Wall Hook. Especially the hearts. 

If you're not strong enough to easily bend a fork into a card holder or a hook, you can put your forks on your wall to use them as a wall clip
This is another beautiful card holder. You can use them for a wedding or your Christmas dinner party. 


And since we're talking about holidays: how about an egg cup made out of, yes indeed, a fork! Great for Easter or any Sunday morning.

And if you're not into organizing or jewelry you can always go for fork artwork. I love these musicians!
 Turning a boring lamp into a very modern piece: try this fork lamp
As final piece I wanted to show you this picture of fork art. I like that background color! :)

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